Visualizing Plumbing Runs and Pathways


Visualizing plumbing runs and pathways can be annoyingly difficult with the engine in the way.  Since I was going to have to pull the engine anyway it seemed a good time to get the engine out of the way and photograph the plumbing.

Water enters the swirlpot from the top and then descends down and then diagonally to the right exiting the engine bay on the lower right side and then forward to the lower right side radiator pipe.  Water exits that radiator from the top pipe and returns back across the engine bay through the heat exchanger and then out the top left side and forward to the left side radiator.  Water returns to the engine via the lower pipe on the left side radiator.

The oil line to the heat exchanger can be seen connecting to the lower port on the heat exchanger.  Oil then exits the heat exchanger through the 90 degree fitting at the top port soon to be directed rearward by a second 90 degree fitting.

And the fuel lines can be seen connecting to the bottom of the fuel pump on the left side of the engine bay and exiting to the looping hose that will ultimately connect to the fuel filter at the fuel rail.