The ECU Shield


One of the issues that I wrestled with during the engine-build-Phase One of the Junk Yard Zetec Project was where to place the ECU.  There was an apparently suitable place just beneath the driver’s calves that looked like it would work for the RF94.  And, walking around the paddock areas of SCCA events, it looked like that space might be available on other older Formula Continental chassis as well.

There was a perceived problem, however.  A driver’s feet, upon sliding into or out of the cockpit and footwell pedal area, would drag right across the ECU, relays, connectors, wiring and any other sensitive electronic components housed in that driver’s calves area. It would be necessary to develop some sort of shield to protect those components.


I mocked up a proposed shield out of cardboard and took the mock-up and a piece of aluminum over to Dan at the Norman Racing Group.  He was able to readily shear and bend the aluminum to match the cardboard mock-up.  A 15 minute task.

The sheet aluminum came from McMaster-Carr.  12″ by 24″.  0.063 thick.  Cost was $30.32.

I rounded the corners and drilled the necessary holes and set about the installation.


There, of course, needed to be some way to fasten the shield in place.  And the solution came via a pair of Insert Nuts.  Pegasus was the source.  I used the 10-32 Insert Nuts.  Part   number 655-3.  They were $0.59 each.  Installation required drilling holes that were 9/32 in diameter.  Pegasus can also  provide the light-duty installation tool for the 10-32 insert nuts.  That part number is 659-3.  The cost was $11.99.  I installed the 10-32 insert nuts in a lower chassis cross member that was situated right beneath where the driver’s calves would be.


View from the front.


And the view from the side.  Dragging heel damage mitigated.