New Coil Bracket for New “A” Brace


The bellhousing clearance issues also created a problem with the use of the standard ignition coil bracket normally placed at the rear of the motor.  Realizing that I might have to find an alternative placement position for the coil, I had acquired a Ford Zetec Coil Relocation Bracket from Burton Power in England (Part Number FZ801. Cost 25.59 English Pounds or roughly $37). This relocation bracket allows the placement of the coil on the right side of the block and is used in Zetec conversions of Lotus Super Seven or Caterham type British sports cars. Dennis thought this coil relocation bracket could be adapted to use on the lateral bracing portion of the new “A” Brace. Dennis cut the bracket to fit the new location, added gussets and then welded the assembly to the lateral brace. The coil relocation bracket is already threaded for 10/32 fasteners and was designed to accommodate the standard Ford Zetec Coil as well as the MSD Ford 4-Tower Coil Pack shown in the photo above. The MSD part number is 8241.  It cost $77.98.  This task took 2 hours.