Front Upper Motor Mount


My hope was to be able to use the existing upper motor mount fabricated by Fast Forward. Not only is it a beautiful bit of machining but it was designed to correct the normal-in-sedan-lean of the motor. It comes in two parts. One part bolts directly to the front of the Zetec motor. The second part bolts to that first part and then bolts to the chassis. My problem was in trying to find a way to develop some sort of cross chassis beam that would be welded to the chassis and that this upper motor mount could bolt to. Also, the cross beam needed to be a construct that could be replicated by virtually any Formula Continental chassis owner.


I went so far as to mock up such a cross beam out of pine, then bolted it up to the Fast Forward upper front motor mount.


Dennis, and his colleague, Dan Marvin, came to the conclusion that, at least for this RF94, it might be possible to use the first part of the Fast Forward upper motor mount and the existing forward chassis motor mount bolt-on points.


With that in mind, I placed an order with McMaster-Carr in Southern California for a 3/4 inch thick bar of aluminum that was 4 inches high and 3 feet long. The thought was that this size of bar would give Dennis and Dan sufficient material to accomplish the task. The McMaster-Carr charge was $65.95.


Several layout possibilities later…


…….They had fabricated our new Front Upper Motor Mount: Right Side. Used the existing mounting points, with spacers to keep everything aligned.


And this is left side of the Front Upper Motor Mount.

Total fabrication time for both Dennis and Dan reached 5 hours.