Oil Line Plumbing

      Most of the oil line routings were dealt with in the initial report for the Junk Yard Zetec Project.  But there were some developments and alterations once it came time to adjust to the reality that the motor was now in a chassis rather than on the dynamometer.


The most prominent of these developments had to do with the TDC (Fast Forward) oil pump’s forward “out” port.

The line from this port went to the lower intake port on the Mocal heat exchanger. The fitting used was a Female, 120 degree, AN Dash 10, Blue Aluminum, Barbed Hose End. Available from Pegasus.  Cost was $29.99.  Part number is 3288-10-120.

It took about 15 inches of hose to reach the fitting on the heat exchanger.  Pegasus was the source for the textile reinforced high temperature hose.  The 5/8 inch (ID) hose needed for the run was $7.49 per foot (Part Number 3290-10).

The fitting on the lower side of the heat exchanger was also a -10 fitting. 90 degrees this time but also of the push-on variety (I stayed push-on because the fittings provided for the ARE dry sump pan were push-on).  Cost was $19.99.  Part number is 3288-10-090.


It is difficult to make out the details in the above photo but it does show an identical Female, 90 degree, -10, push-on fitting attached to the top oil port of the Mocal heat exchanger.

A short length of the oil hose (just a bit over 4 inches in length) ended in yet another identical, female, 90 degree fitting of the -10 size. The idea here was to make the tight turn towards the rear and send the 5/8 line back along the upper chassis tube to the oil return tower which sits above the bellhousing.


The blue, 5/8 ID oil line can be seen at the center of the above photo where it emerges from behind the upper right side chassis tube (just behind the throttle linkage).  A -10 to -10 Blue Aluminum Union provided the connecting point from the 90 degree, tight-bend-rearward-directing fitting to a Female, -10, straight push-on fitting.  That fitting is hidden behind that right side chassis tube just beneath the upper motor mount in the photo.  And 26 inches of 5/8 line ran from that fitting back to the oil tower.

The -10 Union was $8.29. The part number is 3225-10-10.

The -10 straight push-fitting cost $8.99. That part number is 3288-10-000.


The oil line can be seen in this photo as it exits from beneath the intake manifold assembly and then on to the push-on type of pipe on the side of the oil return tower above the bellhousing (and the oil reservoir contained therein).


That oil return tower needed a modification. In its original orientation, the oil return line came in from the left side of the old single overhead cam motor. The new oil return line from the Zetec oil pump was returning from the right.

It was a relatively simple task to unbolt the oil return tower and rotate it until the oil return pipe was pointed in the new, right side, direction. But then came the awkward realization that the vent pipe back to the catch tank would be pointing off at an odd 90 degree direction to the left side of the chassis centerline.

So the oil tower was removed from the bellhousing and delivered to Dennis in Berkeley for reorientation.


This re-orientation was achieved by cutting the smaller diameter upper portion of the oil tower away from the larger diameter lower section, and then rotating the upper section 90 degrees to the left until that vent pipe was pointing back towards the tail of the chassis. Dennis then re-welded the now correctly oriented upper and lower sections back together.

This cut and re-orientation task consumed just a little over 30 minutes.

The left/right re-orientation thing also cropped up with regard to the oil reservoir outlet pipe.


It had been bolted on to a port that was on the left side of the lower bellhousing casting.  There was, however and fortunately, an identically sized port on the right side.  So, unbolt the outlet pipe from left side, check the status of the sealing O-Ring, add some Permatex Black Silicone, and bolt it back up to the port on the right side.


And the blanking plug that had been on the right side was then shifted over to the left side.


An oil line extends from that outlet pipe from the lower right side of the bellhousing forward to the rearward most port on the lower “suck” side of the oil pump.  The oil line (a 5/8 diameter line) hooks up to the Quicksilver provided fitting.  This fitting is not of the push-on variety because Quicksilver welded a -10 male fitting on to the fitting pipe.  So the oil line from the reservoir requires a -10, female, 45 degree, push-on fitting to connect to the Quicksilver, -10, modified pipe.

The 45 degree -10 push-on fitting was purchased from Pegasus for $19.99. The part number is 3288-10-045.

The routing of the lines from the lower ports on the ARE drysump pan as well as the routing of the lines through the red in-line oil filter at the center of the photo above were all covered in the Junk Yard Zetec Project report.


The use of the KOUL Tools hose line assembly tool was mentioned in the Junk Yard Zetec Project report, but it deserves a re-mention. Saves considerable wear and tear on aging fingers.  Available from Pegasus.