Useful Tools

      Vibrant Performance Hose Cutting Shears: Clean cuts to oil or fuel hose (even the stainless steel braided hose variety).  From Summit Racing Equipment. Part number VPE-2989. Cost is $57.45.

Paddock/Transport Wheels: Makes rolling the chassis around much easier.  But the greatest help is that they get the chassis more than 4 inches higher off the garage floor so that scissor jacks can be positioned underneath the chassis to aid in engine changes.  $795 from Velocity Haus.

Large RV Scissor Jacks: Helps in precise up or down chassis height adjustments during engine removal or installation activities.  Can go as low as 4 inches and as high as nearly 24 inches.  Also useful for slow and precise raising or lowering of upright and suspension pieces during installation or removal of those components.  At RV supply houses everywhere.  In the $60-$100 range.

1 Ton Manual Chain Hoist: Engine removal aid. Harbor Freight. Item 996. $59.99.

KOUL Tools EZ-On Hose Press. Great help in installing push-on hose fittings. Available from Pegasus. Part number 3330-001. Cost is $249.

      Pegasus sells another KOUL Tools hose assembly tool for the swivel hose ends and the stainless steel braided hose. The kit for the -4 AN through the -8AN fittings costs $74.99. Once again, not essential, but really helpful.  The part number is 3330-Small.

Aluminum Vise Jaw Inserts help keep component marring to a minimum. Also Pegasus. Cost was $30.99.   Part number is 3316.

Bosch Random Orbital Sander. Available everywhere (I think I purchased mine at Orchard Supply). $70-80.

Insert Nuts ($00.59 each) and Insert Nut Light Duty Installation Tool ($11.99) available from Pegasus.